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B 153, Nehru Colony, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
B 153, Nehru Colony, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
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I have always wondered why is it in our nature to take notice of the loud and people with ‘I am important’ air but fail to take notice of people who make things beautiful by living simply and making people around them realize importance of being simple.. I believe mostly it is our failure to judge people..mostly because we judge them not their by qualities but by their looks..not by their action but by their words..not by their wisdom but by their education..
To give an anecdote of this, a friend of mine -Amit & Riya- got married few years back..after about 8-9 months of their marriage Riya came to discuss a problem she has been having and I being Amit’s close friend could come with some solution..she went on telling me that .All through the six months following their wedding , she didn’t get cards or chocolates, not even a candlelight dinner! How her girlish dreams of romance were dashed to pieces. When she made him tea every morning, he would gulp it down with a fixed smile and the same words—“Thank you, it’s lovely”.  It was then I told her that the one thing Amit loathed was tea!
Over the years I have seen them grow as individuals and have a stronger bond and later she told me that she realized what an understated but genuinely loving person Amit is. All these years she haven’t heard him raise his voice at anybody. And when she had a tumour and couldn’t conceive a child, it was Amit’s silent acceptance that gave her the strength to face the situation…
 It is ironic how we always hear the loud and obvious and fail to notice the unassuming and quiet; how we love reading sensational stuff but find decent matters uninteresting.
“ If it weren’t for my 
husband I’d, too, miss the simpler, smaller joys of life.” She said..
I guess that is and should be the pivot or the secret mantra of our life – to keep life simple and enjoy the small things or happiness of our lives which makes it all easy and a beautiful life.

Post Author: guru shishya