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B 153, Nehru Colony, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
B 153, Nehru Colony, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
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here are some facts about scarce clean water available in some countries.. 

By 2012, 1 billion people will be able stream music & videos to mobile phones. 884 million still lack clean water…

The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.

People living in the slums often pay 5-10 times more per liter of water than wealthy people living in the same city. 

An American taking a five-minute shower uses more water than a typical person in a developing country slum uses in a whole day.

More than 6000 people die daily due to water related diseases under current sources for water treatment.

Approximately 98 percent of these deaths are in developing countries with little to none in government funding.

there are many of us who waste water and include it in our daily habit.. but there are many to whom it is a luxury… we should take serious steps to ensure more people have access to clean water which will help improve health and living standards of people around the world.

Post Author: guru shishya